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September 2007

The Farmer Takes a Wife

A Silhouette Special Edition

Driving blind through a torrential thunderstorm, Maggie Tremont stumbles into a small New Hampshire village almost as lost as Shangri-La.  But no paradise this!  Primrose is a tiny hamlet the twentieth century seems to have forgotten, not even a dot on her waterlogged map.  Only when its inhabitants grudgingly offer her shelter does she begin to uncover secrets the community would rather forget. 


If they had their choice, Primrose would remain a simple farmland community, but they are wise enough to recognize that the future of their children is at stake.  And it's looking rather drab.  No one knows this better than Rafe Burnside, the grim-faced, unofficial mayor of Primrose.  Nursing his own wounds, Rafe would prefer Maggie to leave town and take her new fangled ideas with her!  The problem is, Maggie would take his heart when she left!


As a doctor, Maggie has been called upon to cure many things.  But can she heal a town that isn't sure it wants her help?





Down From The Mountain

The Ambassador's Vow

"It was wonderful."

(4 Stars) Winner of Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Best SSE 2002


Down From the Mountain

"DFTM deserves to be read slowly and savored."

(4 Stars) The Romance Reader's Connection 2004



 Picking Up the Pieces

“Reads like mainstream fiction...handled frankly.”

(4 Stars)  Romantic Times  2005

Finding His Way Home

"Very good storyline"

(5 Stars) SSE 2007






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